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Kari Korhonen

Kari Korhonen (b.1973) has worked for Danish Egmont Comic Creation, large Disney comics producer, from 1993. He has done the variety of Disney comics. From one-pagers to longer stories, from just scripting to all finished artwork, from mice to ducks and other Disney characters. Plus special covers, posters, postcards and additional editorial material just for Finnish Disney comics publisher HelsinkiMedia.

Before his Disney works Kari worked as freelancer doing various kinds of advertising illustrations; brochures, pictures on juice cans and storyboards for short ad films etc. Biggest job (at least in size) was Santa Claus images on Finnair´s Santa Claus jet aeroplane 1995. whenever advertisement agency needed comic strip or Funny animal type stuff Kari was called in.

Kari - selfportraitOn left: Kari himself.

Kari's first contact with Egmont Comic Creation happened in 1992 in Aku Ankka -comic book´s editorial premises. He showed his work to editors Bob Foster and Byron Erickson, as they were visiting there. Kari started to do short stories (1-4 pages) first and some script writing. Gradually his work amount increased and he is doing Disney comics practically full time now.

Among his favorite Disney artists are Carl Barks, Romano Scarpa, Daan Jippes, Daniel Branca and Floyd Gottfredson.

Cover of Pocket BookKari Korhonen´s special covers and other extra stuff have not been published outside Finland. They are made by special permission from Disney Nordic A/S in Denmark or Disney Creative Center in Paris. Therefore they are not Finnish production.

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Kari Korhonen index in INDUCKS (COA)
this includes mainly stories made for Egmont. Most of the Finnish covers are there too.

Scrooge by Kari

Large poster that was made as an extra piece for Aku Ankan taskukirja, digest sized comic (256-400 pages) that publishes Italian Topolino-comics.

Sources of information:

Interview of Kari Korhonen, Ankkalinnan Pamaus 2/2000 by Timo Ronkainen.

Timo Ronkainen

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