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Some examples of early Finnish Disney-stuff

Here I have collected few old Finnish Disney-illustrations and other stuff made in Finland. Artists are unknown.

Coffee package wrapper cardThese so called coffee pictures were made late 1930´s. They came with coffee packages and were very popular collectibles. Dozens of different types of cards was published. 12 different Mickey Mouse pictures were published in this SOK-series (SOK stands for Finnish Central Firm for Cooperative Shops - or something like that, translated litterally). They introduced faraway places where coffee came to Finnish consumers.
In this particular picture Mickey carries coffee sack to a cargo ship called Suomi (Finland). Text: "Santos in Brazil is most notable coffee loading port in the world."

Toothpaste AdThis toothpaste advertisement was published in
1938 on newspaper Vaasa. In text Mickey says to Horace:
- I said so, Horace! You should´ve take care of your teeth otherwise they won´t last long while you keep eating those oats of yours!

- Now go fast to the dentist Drilly, so he can pull off that sore tooth away. And those that will be left, you'd better wash them every day and evening with VADEMECUM TOOTHPASTE! That's what me and Minnie uses, and that's why our teeth will work even to the basement concrete wall!

- Start gargle with mouthwash if you want to prevent sore throat or epidemics!
But be sure you use VADEMECUM mouthwash!

There were several different Vademecum ads using Mickey Mouse. Probably unauthorized

BookmarksThese cardboard bookmarks are probably also from 1930's. Except nobody seems to know for sure.

Has there been similar things like these in other countries? Scandinavia?
Are these perhaps unauthorized, unofficial stuff?
There is nowhere I could see any copyright marks or anything like that.

Only texts are "Nimi; Koulu; Luokka" meaning "Name, school, class".

Size: 18,5 cm (about 7,5 inch).

Click for detailed picture (73 K)

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