February 22, 2003: Magica de Spell

Don Rosa tells about Magica de Spell (an old message to DCML).


January 30, 2003: Anecdotes, why no drawings for fans

Don Rosa's Amusing Anecdotes - collection of fun messages from DCML.

Don tells why he can't send drawings for fans by mail.


December 27, 2002: "Dream" will have specials in Finland

Finnish version of the "Dream of a Lifetime" will have a special cover and an introduction by Don Rosa. It will be published sometimes during late February/early March.


December 24, 2002: Don is working again

Don Rosa has reached an mutual agreement with Egmont. He is about to start working again after a 6 month break.


December 3, 2002: Dan Shane speaks

Dan Shane tells about his friendship with Don Rosa. Read it here. -pages are showing the cover for "The Dream of a Lifetime" published in Norway this week.


November 20, 2002: Re-negotiations, Disney comics returning to U.S.

The world of Disney comics in going through a small upheaval. Italian Disney-creators are suing the Disney-Italy to get some basic rights to their own work. Don Rosa is re-negotiating his contract with Egmont for the same reasons. There will be no more stories from him until this is resolved. Best news is that Disney comics are doing a comeback in U.S. A company called Gemstone is about to start publishing Walt Disney's Comic and Stories and Uncle $crooge comics in April 2003. So Don might yet have a chance to read his own stories in english.


November 13, 2002: Rosa Calendar 2003 in Gallery

You can check out the Finnish Rosa Calendar in Gallery.


October 23, 2002: The Crocodile Collector - Rate it Yourself

Here's my take on historical accuracy and other rambling about The Crocodile Collector. You may rate the story in Voting Booth.


October 20, 2002: German covers

Go and see Duckmania's updated galleria of Onkel Dagobert-covers.


October 20, 2002: Sharpie Cover

Here´s the cover for The Sharpie of the Culebra Cut in Finnish Aku Ankka-magazine.

October 4, 2002: Finnish Fanzine coming soon

Don Rosa is really popular in Finland. Now there is a project for a printed fanzine in Finnish. It will be available in some bookstores. First issue will probably be out in early 2003. Miikka Mattheiszen is behind this project.


August 16, 2002: New Rosa calendar soon available in Finland

Just heard from the nice people of Aku Ankka (Finnish Donald Duck -weekly) that a new Don Rosa calendar for the year 2003 can soon be ordered through them (in the week 34).

Also, the ''The Sharpie of the Culebra Cut'' will be published in Aku Ankka of the week 38-40. Same applies probably to other Scandinavian magazines.


August 16, 2002: Greetings from the New Webmaster

Welcome, friend. I'm Kai Saarto, the new webmaster. I'm 28y old historian and a big fan of Rosa and Barks. The old webmaster, Arttu, has decided to pursue new interests and the upkeep of these pages has fallen to me. Best of luck to him and thanks for the great job. Well, its good to be here, hope you enjoy your stay.

6.6.2002 Another celebration!

Now is the English version's turn to have its birthday! To celebrate this a bit I've translated another forewords from the Quest for Kalevala -book: Treasure Under Glass. In the Articles and interviews -section there has already a while now been the translation of Cash Flow's forewords. But this doesn't mean I'd start translating them all. So here is the link for the forewords.

8.5.2002 Gyro's First Invention

The first part of Rosa's new story, Gyro's First Invention, was published in this week Aku Ankka, and the second part will of course come to next week's issue. Apart from the story the issue also had a cover and an article by Rosa.

Old news



The Dream of a Lifetime (25/26 p.) (D 2002-???)

At the moment Don is working on a story he has been talking about a while now. In it Donald gets to see what was Scrooge's youth like. In the story the Beagle Boys invade Scrooge's dreams using an invention by Gearloose with the intention of finding out the combinations to Scrooge's vault. Donald is sent after them. But Scrooge doesn't dream about his money, he dreams about his youth and Donald and the Beagle Boys chase each other through scenes of Scrooge's youth. In the last scene also appears Glittering Goldie like in Don's story Hearts of the Yukon. The basic idea for the story is from a French fan Mohamed Fahdi. From now on Don will do an extra page for the two-part versions of his long stories, that will better explain the previous part and maybe have extra gags. So the single part version of this story has 25 pages and the two-part version 26 pages.

A scanned half-page pre-scetch of the story can be found here. It's scanned by Apostolis Trikourakis and taken from Komix's news column.

Gyro's First Invention (20 p.) (D 2001-143)

This story is a sequel to Barks' legendary Christmas for Shacktown -story. The story continuee right from where the other ended so Scrooge is still transporting his money from the cave with a toy train. It's also a 50th anniversary story to three different things: Gyro Gearloose, Cornelius Coot and the Shacktown -story. In it Gyro gets his first job which is to save Scrooge's money. The story also finally tells the origin of Little Helper. Don finished it on the turn of January and February and was published in Finland and Scandinavia in issues 19-20/02. The idea of combining the seguel of Shacktown and Gyro's anniversary story Don got from Sigvald Grøsfjeld jr.

Forget it (13 p.) (D 2001-095)

This story is a sort of a sequel to the popular A Matter of Some Gravity joke story (which was even nominated for an Eisner Award), where Magica messes up with Donald's and Scrooge's gravity to get the first dime. In it Donald and Scrooge will again chase Magica, who has stolen the dime, to the airport, but this time under a different kind of spell. Don started drawing it on week 34, or August and finished it on week 40, or October of 2001. The story appeared in Scandinavia and Finland in the weeklies issue 11/02.

Old stories