If you have something to add or correct, please contact me. Most of the pages are in English.


Probably the best and largest Don Rosa-site. Consists of individual pages from different sites. Contains indexes, covers, galleries and much more.

The D.U.C.K.man
Lots of info about Don Rosa, indexes, galleries and information about his Duck-world, etc. Great site. Maintained by Sigvald Grøsfjeld jr.

Great site, that has just about everything needed to a Don Rosa-site. Among others includes all of Don's Picsou-magazine Pin-ups. Also in German. Maintained by Jano Rohleder.

The Two Worlds of Don Rosa
Splendid and really stylish site about the different versions of Don's long stories. Definitely worth a check. Maintained by AC Sivebæk.

The $crooge McDuck Page
This site is maintained by Don´s friend Dan Shane. Its the "official homepage" of The Life and Times of Scroofe McDuck. Don Rosa himself tells how all the stories came to be.

Many different kinds of indexes: D.U.C.K.s, hidden Mickeys, languages, references to Barks' stories...

Keno DON ROSA et les DUCKS
This French site contains for example photos, interviews, beautifully colored Picsou-covers and an index on stories published in France.



The HTML Barks Base
Very extensive and impressive site. Really worth a visit. Also in German.

Guidebook to the Carl Barks Universe
Good, extensive site about Carl Barks.

Carl Barks - His Work and His Life
Really good and wide site. Worth for a visit.

Carl Barks - The "Good" Duck Artist
Lots of information on the litho- and serigraphs of Barks' paintings'.

Grimble Gromble's homepage
Quite small but still good site about Carl Barks.



Calisota Online
These excellent pages by Gilles Maurice contain a lot of information about Don Rosa as well. Check out the part called "They Existed!"-

The Disney Comics Pages
Huge amount information on Disney comics, -artists and -characters.

Disney Comics Mailing List
An English mailing list for Disney-comics. Don Rosa is a member..

Disney Comics Worldwide!
Just about everything on Disney-publications on the world.

Worldwide index of Disney-comics.

DDS -Donald Duck Search
Quite impressive list of Disney-links.

DCL: Disney online Comic Links
Magnificient site has links to over 120 scanned Disney-comic.

Disney Comics Creators
Introductions on William Van Horn, Freddy Milton, Daan Jippes. Many introductions coming, such as about Don Rosa and Carl Barks.

In this site you can tour around Duckburg and go sightseeing. Doesn't contain that much information, but is still a fun place to visit.

Of Mice and Ducks
Information and presentations on Disney's characters and authors. Also includes a section about Rosa called The Don Rosa Papers.

The Daily Quack
A slowly growing index of the Duck comics

One of Sweden's biggest Disney sites. You will find indexes, articles, databases and lots more here. Unfortunately only in Swedish.

Very nice looking and extensive Norwegian site about Disney's Ducks. Unfortunately only in Norwegian.

Dagofan's Disney Fan Page
German site contains, of course, info about German Disney-comics.

Papernik Il Diabolico Vendicatore
Well made Italian site about Donald Duck's alter ego Papernik (Phantom Duck). Contains lot of pictures from original stories published in the 60's and 70's.

Paperino - I Mille volti di un mito!
A fun Italian page dediceted to Donald Duck. It even contains some of Grandma Duck's recipes...mmm yummy!


New U.S. publisher of Disney Comics.

Aku Ankka
Homepages of Finnish Aku Ankka

Kalle Anka & Co.
Homepages of Swedish Kalle Anka & Co.

Anders And & Co.
Homepages of Danish Anders And & Co.

Donald Duck & Co.
Homepages of Norwegian Donald Duck & Co.

Micky Maus Magazin
Homepages of German Micky Maus.

Ankistit ry.
Homepages of Finnish ankists (donaldists). For example Ankkalinnan pamaus -fanzine is makings of this organisation.

Homepages of the German Duck-organisation.

Homepages of the Swedish Duck-organisation.