Arttu Salminen, chief editor (retired)

These pages were started by Arttu Salminen in May 3, 2001. After a year of great work, Arttu decided to pursue other interests and handed over the pages to Kai Saarto in August 2002. Afterwards Arttu's name has been popping up in different projects: he has done great job with pages dedicated to Finnish comic Jasso. Arttu also writes short stories and talks about life in his own website - The Aritu.

Kai Saarto, chief editor (on duty)

Kai Saarto is a working on his Master of Arts degree on General History, at the University of Turku, Finland. Born in 1974 he was a fan of Carl Barks' adventure stories from early on. When he read his first stories by Don Rosa he was hooked. Besides Disney ducks, he enjoys especially Tintin and Asterix. Kai lives by the sea in an island by Turku with his fiancee Sanna and their german shepherd Ekku. Besides comics he's into detective novels and roleplaying games.

Jesse Rintanen, editor

Jesse does translations between English and Finnish.

Tuomas, staff writer

Tuomas writes avidly story-reviews in Finnish.

Ville Suominen, staff writer

Ville also does story-reviews in Finnish.

Other contributors

Timo Ronkainen: Chief editor of Ankkalinnan pamaus-fanzine. Collaborates frequently with the Duckmaster.

Joona Paajanen: Young comic artist and a maintainer of his own Don Rosa -fanpages.