Old Upcoming Stories

Gyro's First Invention (20 p.) (D 2001-143)

This story is a sequel to Barks' legendary Christmas for Shacktown -story. The story continuee right from where the other ended so Scrooge is still transporting his money from the cave with a toy train. It's also a 50th anniversary story to three different things: Gyro Gearloose, Cornelius Coot and the Shacktown -story. In it Gyro gets his first job which is to save Scrooge's money. The story also finally tells the origin of Little Helper. Don finished it on the turn of January and February and was published in Finland and Scandinavia in issues 19-20/02. The idea of combining the seguel of Shacktown and Gyro's anniversary story Don got from Sigvald Grøsfjeld jr.

Forget it (13 p.) (D 2001-095)

This story is a sort of a sequel to the popular A Matter of Some Gravity joke story (which was even nominated for an Eisner Award), where Magica messes up with Donald's and Scrooge's gravity to get the first dime. In it Donald and Scrooge will again chase Magica, who has stolen the dime, to the airport, but this time under a different kind of spell. Don started drawing it on week 34, or August and finished it on week 40, or October of 2001. The story appeared in Scandinavia and Finland in the weeklies issue 11/02.


The Crown of the Crusader Kings (27 p.) (D 2001-024)
Don made this story to Egmont. It's about a hunt of a Middle Age, lost crown of the Knights Templar and it's plot course is similar to The Guardians of the Lost Library. The story is linked to Barks' The Philosopher's Stone and it will include a Finnish/Swedish adventurer, A.E. Nordenskiöld, that Scrooge met in 1892 at the Columbian Expo in Chicago, for the story is going to be the cover story for the new Don Rosa-book which will be published in Finland later this year. The meeting with Scrooge and Nordenskiöld is also going to be what starts the whole adventure. In the same time the story is also a prequel to another story that Don is going to do in a year or so. That story would reveal what ever happened to Scrooge's sisters. Don finished this story in May 2001. In Scandinavia it was published in the numbers 43-45 of the weeklies.

The Beagle Boys vs. the Money Bin (17 p.) (D 2001-191)
This story Don made, when Egmont wanted ten of it's best author in the honour of Carl Barks' 100th birthday to make a celebration story that would tell about some of the character invented by Barks. So, there will be ten stories like this and Don chose the Beagle Boys, but he also wanted to put into his story another character which he thinks is very important: the Money Bin. So, in the story Beagle Boys try to rob the Money Bin while Scrooge isn't there. The story will also include the blueprints of Money Bin that Dan Shane has made with computer and a discussion about the origin of the Beagle Boy. Don finished the story in January 2001 and it was published in Finland in Aku Ankka's number 26/01, which was also a Rosa-special. Don also made a poster-version of the blueprints.

The Sharpie of the Culebra Cut (27 p.) (F PM 01201 C)
This is a part 10b of The Lifes and Times of Scrooge McDuck that Don made for French Picsou, because Egmont didn't want to publish b-parts of the series anymore. The story was published in Picsou Magazine's number 349 in February 2001. It takes place in year 1906 and Panama, where Theodore Roosevelt, USA's president, is watching the making of the Panama Canel and a mountain owned by Scrooge is in the way. It will be published in Scandinavia and probably also in Finland on weeks 39-41/02.